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What I’m Loving This Week

I love my career, and I love traveling. Luckily, I have a job that not only allows me to travel, but also includes both traveling with and working beside my hubby. This past week’s adventure? The beautiful city of Chicago. (This trip also included the middle of nowhere of Wisconsin, but that wasn’t quite as exciting)

We were in Chicago for a full seven-day commercial shoot for one of our agency’s clients. In between the 12 hour workdays, we also made time to venture around town and check off some of the biggest “must dos” while you’re in Chicago.

Traveling for leisure can be exhausting. But when you’re traveling for work and trying to fit in time to be a tourist during your off time, it’s even more tiring. Which is why for this week’s list, I’m including a few things that have helped me stay entertained, inspired, healthy, and happy – for when we’re on the go or spending an off week at home in DC.

These bucket-list worthy views of Chicago.

This gorgeous, inexpensive watch.

Some kickass creative advice from Jeff Goodby.

Spiked, naked, and hydrated.

Finding a new normal after traveling.

My new favorite go-to cardi.

Stealing is okay when you’re an artist.

The comfiest throw pillows.

Dress your tech for summer with DesignLoveFest.

Our new favorite DC cafe for gelato and lattes.

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